Workshop Descriptions: 

FRIDAY July 27
Location:  Cairo Fusion Bellydance, 230 S Cole
3-5 PM:  AMY SIGIL - "ITS Performance Staging"

Ready, set SHOWTIME!  Here is your chance to put your improvisation skills to work!  This workshop is the preparation for the ITS performance at the Saturday evening show.  Staging, concepts and musical interpretation.  Come and dance with UNMATA and friends on stage!  You must have taken the ITS Vocabulary workshop to attend. 



Location:  El Korah Shrine, 1118 W Idaho St.

10-12 AM:  Michelle Sorensen - "Freak Like Me"
Let's get weird in this experimental fusion workshop!  We'll start the workshop by learning a few unusual fusion combinations that are eclectic and beyond the basic "tribal" stylings.  After we've played with some new pre-made phrases, we'll make some new ones to fit some extra strange songs that I've got up my sleeves...sometimes you need to get ugly to get awesome.
1-3 PM:  Samira il Naia - "PolyFusion Playdate"             
Let's play at the beach!  Not physically, but in spirit right?  In this workshop, We will explore the basics of Polynesian Fusion.  The Kopu me Hope style is comprised of movements from the Tahitian and Hawaiian Islands and uniquely formatted with a call/response system and some tricky improvisational tactics. We will "dive deep" into the basic movements, focusing on the Polynesian form, vocabulary, and execution.-

4-6 PM:  Ashley Lopez - "Arms Hands & Posture"
A dancer's canvas is her posture.  This workshop is designed to help you identify and effectively correct postural issues to make your dance more technically proficient, beautiful and safe for your body.  We will highlight the importance of muscular balance and mind-body awareness for maintaining excellent posture through basic to advanced movements.  The way we carry our arms and what we do with our hands is an enormous part of what makes our posture look polished--so we will focus on these areas in particular, practicing drills and exercises to increase range-of-motion and more.

SUNDAY July 29:
Location:  Cairo Fusion Bellydance, 230 S Cole.
1-3 PM:  Amy Sigil - "I Do What I Want - Multi-level ITS Intensive"
Here's your chance to get everything you love about ITS!  New vocabulary, new concepts and new friends to dance with!  This intensive will include vocabulary and concepts from Level 1,2,3,4 and new work that I am excited and inspired to share!  I plan on doing all the things I love!  Work is suitable for beginners, certified ITS teachers, or dancers working with other improvisational formats.  All the things!  (must play well with others)