This year, we are so excited to announce that we have added two killer INTENSIVES to the Fusion Fest lineup of education! 

Don't worry!  We still have ala carte workshops for the weekend. 

*There are payment plans and discount packages available for the workshops and intensives. 

Fusion Fest presents "BOOM" with Amy Sigil, Ashley Lopez and Michelle Sorensen, and "YOLO SOLO" with Zoe Jakes.

(All intensives are located at Cairo Fusion Dance Studio, 5400 W Franklin Rd. Suite J)

 "BOOM" with Amy Sigil, Ashley Lopez and Michelle Sorensen

This movement intensive includes body awareness warm ups with Lopez, strength training with Sorensen, phrases and small choreographies with Lopez and Sorensen, and creation-inspiration exercises with Sigil. This program is designed to make you feel GOOD!  The proper balance of warmups, strength, memorization and creativity!  A chance to build strength, flexibility and heart at the same time.  At the end of these 4 days we aim to have your body feeling strong, flexible and emotionally inspired.  Bring a yoga mat, water bottle, video device and notebook.  Ready, set... BOOM!     $500 (20 hours of instruction)*   10-4 pm, Tuesday-Friday (includes 1 hour lunch break each day)

"YOLO SOLO" with Zoe Jakes

The technical aspects of strong improvisation as a soloist. This workshop will present clear ways to develop your improvisational skills through musicality, phrasing, and take home practices.  The dancer will learn how to utilize phrases of different lengths to bring variety to their solo, how to create a beginning, middle and end to an improvisation, and how to bring these techniques into your practice routine to help make improvisation second nature!    $150 (6 hours of instruction)*  4-7 pm Thursday-Friday


ALA CARTE WORKSHOPS:  $50 (2 hours each) 

(located at The El Korah Shrine 1118 W Idaho St.)

Michelle Sorensen - "Belly Work & Backbends"
Wanting to increase flexibility in your spine? Having a hard time making belly work smoooooth? If so, this class is for you! The focus in this workshop will be on conditioning the core, and learning to make those muscles work together seamlessly to create fluidity and dexterity in stomach isolations. We will then stretch those muscles out with a long focus on back flexibility based on contortion style training. Come prepared to work hard and sweat!   10-12 Saturday

Samira il Naia - "Polynesian Fusion Combos"

Its another Island dance party!  We will work basic Hula and Tahitian movements fused with Belly dance isolations and concepts.  In the Kopu me Hop style, we will work combinations that can be used in improvisatonal styles, choreographies, or simply for fun.  Consider this workshop to be Part 2 from last year's Fusion Fest workshop.  No prior experience in Ploynesian needed.  12:30-2:30 Saturday

 Zoe Jakes - "Elegant Machine"

A contemporary pop lock choreography with elements of physical freedom and the sharp walls we slam against time and time again. Lightening fast ticks and fluid full body movement come together to create a dance that seamlessly melds two worlds. Basic contemporary movement will be reviewed, as well as the technique behind Zoe’s articulated isolations. A take-home choreography, with the music selection will be covered in this workshop.  3-5 pm Saturday

 Ashley Lopez - "All the Shimmy"

An absolute favorite, this subject will help you work on finding loose, fluid shimmies of ALL KINDS! Class will begin with a warm-up designed to strengthen the muscles needed for several different shimmy techniques: we will focus on the abdominals, glutes and legs. Dance drills will hone your ability to move your hips fluidly while freely traveling, with an emphasis on the importance of balance. Next, we’ll explore several different kinds of shimmies to add to your repertoire: fast, slow, large, small, layered, and many, many different kinds of ¾ shimmies. Many options will be given to accommodate for all-levels. Come get your shimmy on!!!  10-12 pm Sunday

 Amy Sigil - "Multi-level ITS Workshop"

Here's your chance to get everything you love about ITS!  New Vocabulary, new concepts and new friends to dance with!  This intensive will include vocabulary and concepts from Level 1,2,3,4 and new work that I am excited and inspired to share!  I plan on doing all the things that I love!  Work is suitable for beginners, certified ITS teachers, or dancers working with other improvisational formats.  All the things!  (must play well with others)  12-2 pm Sunday

Amy Sigil - "Let's Dance!"

Have you always wanted to move your body, but need a bit of guidance?  This is your chance!  This workshop is created for anybody wanting to step into dance.  There will be no specific genre addressed, simply DANCE!  Beginning level.  Open to all genders, ages, and abilities.   3-5 pm Saturday