Workshop Descriptions: SATURDAY July 29

Location:  El Korah Shrine, 1118 W Idaho St.

Amina:  9:00-10:30 am - "Queens Court"  Imagine 9-12 beautiful women weaving and circling through a menagerie of shared dance vocabulary on stage at the same time!  Learn the dynamics of this multitude of dancers on the stage connecting with each other like a beautiful tapestry.  Synergy created with specific cues and transitions keeping everyone engaged, focused and in motion.  The tri circle leader and followers utilize the power of multiple transitional circles with movements that compliment improvisational vocabulary i.e. ATS, ITS, Gypsy Caravan etc. 

Brywn:  9:00-10:30 am:  "Unexpected"  How do we define what makes one performance stand out of the crowd?  What makes the performance unique?  We all want to find our flow in dance.  Flow creates continuity and energy, but it doesn't necessarily create tension and interest.  Often it is the disruption in the flow that catches our eye.  It's the unexpected that draws us in.  It's what makes us sit up and think, "Oh where is this going"?    In a performance we decide where the plot is going to go.  No one wants to hear the same story over and over.  So how do we create something unique?  When I listen to a song, I like to think how would everyone expect ,e to dance to this piece?  I think of what type of movements would go with the piece, and what type of movements wouldn't necessarily be expected for that song.  This is how you start to create a performance that is unique and dynamic.  Find the flow then interrupt I.  In this workshop, we will be discussing how to control your story using sharp and smooth, big and small, expected and unexpected movements.  We never want our performance to become stagnant or to keep the same energy throughout the whole piece.  We want our performance to have excitement by using a wide repertoire of movements.

Michelle:  11:00-12:30"Press Pause: The Art of Silence"  Emily Dickinson said, "Saying nothing...sometimes says the most."  How often do we take opportunities for stillness in our dance?  This workshop will focus on the breath between the 'words' of our movement.  We will learn a few unique combinations and then challenge our brains (and bodies) by adding silence and pause in different places throughout the combo, creating a sort of "musical chairs" game with dance!

Aaliyah Jenny: 1:00-2:30 pm:  "Hip Hop Fusion"  Come get your old school creds in Aaliyah Jenny's Hip Hop Fusion Exploration Workshop!  Learn & take home the basics of urban street stylizations to build your own personal voice as a performer.  It is going to be a funky good time!  Please bring your smooth soled shoes (jazz sneakers, ballet slippers, old worn tennis sneakers) & your adventurous spirit!  We are going to have a blast!

Samira il Naia:  1:00-2:30 pm:  "Take it Back"  Lets take a journey to where it all started.  To where common vocabulary and format used today was created.  Whether you dance Tribal, Tribal Fusion, ATS, Vintage, or American, we are all rooted from the same tree.  The American bellydance scene has had an immense influence on not only the bellydance we see around the world currently, but on bellydance as a whole.  This workshop will focus on the modernization of bellydance (since the 1960s), and the movements and theory utilized by almost all bellydance today.  We will explore the commonalities between the different styles in a combination/choreo driven format.  This workshop WILL NOT be focusing on folkloric styles. 

 Ashley Lopez:  3:00-4:30 pm"A Combo Frenzy"  A few of Ashley's favorite combinations and choreography chunks.  Come play with sequencing and expression set to fabulous music.  Challenge your brain and technique with a few different movement combinations which will include turns, isolations, arm work, layering and traveling.