A week-long Fusion bellydance festival dedicated to education, performance and family. 

Multiple shows, workshops, shopping, and FUN!!



Fusion Fest started from a dream, a reality-check, and a little bit of crazy!  Samira had the dream for Cairo Fusion to have their very own wonderland of dance.  A place to create friendships, be challenged, and an event to call ‘home”.  The reality-check was that although many of our dancers were hungry  to learn from amazing instructors, few had the resources needed to travel.  Many of our dancers are mommies and/or business women.

The resolution is where it got crazy…”So we aren’t able to travel the world seeking education and community…Let’s just bring the world to us!”  And that is exactly what we have done.  In doing so, we have been fortunate to host some of the brightest, most brilliant instructors in the country.  

More importantly, Fusion Fest has morphed beyond a festival…it is a home-base…an annual gathering for a tight-knit dance family that extends far beyond the Northwest.  Fusion Fest is where priceless friendships have been made, and more are created each year.  The chance that you will attend only ONE Fusion Fest, is VERY unlikely…just try it. 

Since the first Fusion Fest in 2006, which was held in a Jr. High auditorium, only one showcase, and a mere three workshops, The festival has endured many changes.  Some good…some not so good.  Currently, Fusion Fest consists of two showcases, a fierce competition, average six to nine workshops and vending with the finest.  

Through the years, Fusion Fest has hosted UNMATA (twice), Monica Fernandez, Freyja, Shalee Denver, Sherri Wheatley, Calamity Sam, Heather Shoopman, Sabeya, Karolina Lux, Cecilia, DJ Amar, Sooz, Mali, Sedona, Michelle Sorensen and pray to God I haven’t forgot somebody…

Fusion Fest is so much more than a festival.  It is an experience.  It is a family that grows in numbers year after year.