This year, we are so excited to announce that we have added two killer INTENSIVES to the Fusion Fest lineup of education!

Fusion Fest presents "BOOM" with Amy Sigil, Ashley Lopez and Michelle Sorensen, and "YOLO SOLO" with Zoe Jakes.


"BOOM" with Amy Sigil, Ashley Lopez and Michelle Sorensen

This movement intensive includes body awareness warm ups with Lopez, strength training with Sorensen, phrases and small choreographies with Lopez and Sorensen, and creation-inspiration exercises with Sigil. This program is designed to make you feel GOOD!  The proper balance of warmups, strength, memorization and creativity!  A chance to build strength, flexibility and heart at the same time.  At the end of these 4 days we aim to have your body feeling strong, flexible and emotionally inspired.  Bring a yoga mat, water bottle, video device and notebook.  Ready, set... BOOM!     $500 (20 hours of instruction)*

"YOLO SOLO" with Zoe Jakes

The technical aspects of strong improvisation as a soloist. This workshop will present clear ways to develop your improvisational skills through musicality, phrasing, and take home practices.  The dancer will learn how to utilize phrases of different lengths to bring variety to their solo, how to create a beginning, middle and end to an improvisation, and how to bring these techniques into your practice routine to help make improvisation second nature!    $150 (6 hours of instruction)*


*There are payment plans and discount packages available for the workshops and intensives.  Please check the intensives/workshops page for more details.